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Silviu Bindea – ˝Reactorul de pe Bega˝

sports career


Victoria Cluj


1931-1932 : Victoria Cluj

1932 - 1939 , 1940-1946 : Ripensia Delhi - 159 appearances, 88 goals in Division A

1939 - 1940 : CAM Timişoara


27 selections , 11 goals


CFR Timisoara, Timisoara CAM , Poli Timisoara, Timisoara Junior Ripensia

Silviu Bindea Blaj was born on October 24, 1912 in a family with seven children , living a childhood burdened with weights. Together with his family , moved to Cluj at the age of 5 years, in two years to receive a blow which marked his mother's death . ˝ I remember my dad took me to the room where my mother was put on catalf . I kissed her hand. ˝ , remembers Bindea this sad episode of his childhood .

In 1926 , at age 14 , was legitimized in Victoria Cluj , who plays club until 1932 , becoming one of the most popular players of the time in the hill town of Feleacului .

In the summer of 1932 , Ripensia was invited to Cluj , where he played two games against Victoria , dispute concluded with results of 4-4, or 5-4 in favor Ripensiei . Bindea he 's scored 2 goals in those matches Ripi and after the game , Rudy Wetzer none other than famous striker Ripensiei , asked , among other things, if you want to transfer to Timisoara. Rudy 's tempting proposal , dubbed the reactor ˝ ˝ overflowing due to his speed , he consulted with his father , and after he had given permission BIND reached Ripensia .

Rudy Wetzer helped in contiunare , offering accommodation to a relative of his , and Bindea rewarded at the first match together, they gave him two assists , keeping one for himself .

Bindi was little height and slender , but offset by bewildering speed , technique and unpredictable movements and actions coming from the right were fatal . Dobay consider it one of the best footballers that ever saw . ˝ on how small and frail , the so combative and resistant BIND was a nightmare for defenders. Cling to any ball , watched insistence goal in actions create situations compromised. I remember that he scored many goals pursuing escaped porters balls and even beat kicks that went to the gate. ˝

Considered ˝ ˝ Sword of Damocles over the head defensive BIND was one of the most valuable Romanian football between the two world wars.

In 1948 , along with Basil Deheleanu , Ripensia won the first national junior championship title .

˝ ˝ reactor was extinguished in 1992.